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2017 FOT Information Letter

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Speech by Youth Program Student

During the Youth Program MaySuThaungPyi gave a speech in her speech class of which Legacy graduate MoPalel was the teacher.


World Government Summit held in the shadow of the Baal Arch

Leon Sexton talks about the significance of a One World Government and the worship of the false god Baal.


Rebellion Against the European Union

In this episode of ‘Children of the Covenant’ Leon Sexton reports on the beginnings of a rebellion against the European Union.


Thailand Remains in Mourning

The entire nation of Thailand remains in mourning with thousands of people dressed in black traveling to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, where the king lies in state, to pay their last respects to their beloved king.  The mourning period will last for at least one year, after which the late King Bhumibol  Adulyadej will be cremated in a elaborate royal ceremony at the royal cremation grounds nearby.

Cards and letters of condolence can be sent to:  H.M. Queen Sirikit, Chitralada Palace, Bangkok 10303 Thailand.

There is also a well written article about the many accomplishments of King Bumibol Adulyadej at:


The article also talks about the animosity shown by a small group of detractors who are jealous of the monumental love and respect shown to the dead king.

Very sad.
Leon Sexton