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Youth Educational Scholarships

Northern Thailand

Many children of poor Thai farmers and hill tribes cannot go to school or are unable to receive an education because they cannot afford the cost of room and board, books, fees and uniforms. Many times hill students must go to a larger town in the lowlands to go to high school because there are no secondary schools available in the mountains near their home villages. They must find a place to stay near the school and need funds for food, housing and transportation to and from the school. Legacy Institute currently sponsors the education of several children of poor families who cannot afford the cost of sending their children to a secondary school.


Myanmar is the modern name for Burma. The name Myanmar was chosen by the present government because it rejects the British name and reflects more closely what the Burmese themselves call their country. Myanmar is very rich in natural resources, but poor in opportunity. Only the few benefit from the wealth of oil, gas, minerals, gems and other resources. Higher education is only a dream for most. Myanmar has been ravaged by civil war for decades. In many remote mountain villages, no schools exist at all. Legacy Institute currently sponsors the education of qualified teens who either attend Legacy Institute’s school in Thailand or attend school in Yangon.