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International Leadership Training Center

Legacy Institute, USA fully sponsors the Legacy Institute International Leadership Training Center located in Chiangmai, Thailand.

The primary mission of Legacy Institute ILTC is to teach young men and women the True Way of Life that leads to happiness and success in family life, the workplace, and society; and to become future leaders among their own peoples. The secondary mission is to teach skills that will help them successfully acquire employment or opportunities for higher education. Students are primarily selected from the hill tribe groups of northern Thailand, but there are also a limited number of students from other Asian countries that can be accepted. All costs of tuition, uniforms, room and board are provided by charitable scholarships. Students attend for three years.

Qualified volunteer teachers are recruited from Church of God families and serve for one year at their own expense. Courses at Legacy Institute ILTC include English, Computer, Bible, Music and Voice, Public Speaking, Health and Hygiene and Vocational Organic Agriculture.

For more Information on Legacy International Leadership Training Center please visit www.legacyleader.org

Teacher Application Forms

Following are the forms needed for teacher applicants. You can download each form by right clicking on the links below and then clicking “Save” in the pop-up box.

Application 1Application 2Application 3Release Form

Please send all completed forms to:

Legacy Institute
PO Box 7
Dundee, Ohio 44624

If there are any questions concerning the application, please direct them to: anita_showers@legacyinstitute.org

Thank you