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Teaching, dancing, learning in Jawk Taing February 2022

English and Bible classes in Jawk Taing, Myanmar, February 2022.

“The Marriage Ceremony” by Leon Sexton

“The Marriage Ceremony” Leon Sexton discusses the meaning of the marriage ceremony and its origins.

Christians Must Have Forgiveness

A message from Seng Aung (for our Burmese/Myanmar brethren around the world).

Feast of Tabernacles JawkTiang, Myanmar 2019 – Video clip

“Feast of Tabernacles JawkTiang, Myanmar 2019 – Video clip” – SengAung translates to the brethren in JawkTiang, a sermon given by Leon Sexton and written by Vince Szymkowiak, during the Feast of Tabernacles 2019.

“Food Hall” at JawkTiang, Myanmar

“”Food Hall” at JawkTiang, Myanmar Feast of Tabernacles 2019″ – Construction continues on the two-story building at Legacy Institute in JawkTiang, Myanmar (Burma). Here, everyone enjoys a meal and ice cream for desert now that the brick walls and ceiling are constructed, although not yet finished.