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Macron wants to be Jupiter

Leon Sexton informs you about the new president of France and the prophecy of the Abomination that Makes Desolate.


EU Chains

Some European Nations begin to throw off EU Chains.

Leon Sexton discusses the move by some Eastern European countries who are joining forces
to fight the Islamization of Europe.


Special Music Pentecost 2017 Myanmar – Legacy Students and Teen Youth Singing

Special music by Legacy students and teen youth singing “Holy Spirit Faithful Guide” during Pentecost 2017 services in Myanmar.


Special Music Pentecost 2017 Myanmar – Young Children Singing

Young children at Legacy Myanmar sing “Our Childhood Walk with God” for special music during Pentecost 2017 services.

An additional video clip of the same song from a different angle.


Speech by Youth Program Student

During the Youth Program MaySuThaungPyi gave a speech in her speech class of which Legacy graduate MoPalel was the teacher.