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Brief report of Feast of Tabernacles in Myanmar (Burma)

40 COG members (including children) gathered at Kyawk Taing, Myanmar for the Feast of Tabernacles with much worship; singing songs to God; and lots and lots of feasting.

Thoo Mya Shwe leads songs.

Thoo Mya Shwe leads songs.

Children enjoy special Western treat – hamburgers!

Children enjoy special Western treat – hamburgers!

Yum – yum.

Yum – yum.

Seng Aung, our Student Pastor in Kyawk Taing; his wife Seng Pan; Legacy student Htoo  Mya Shwe; and our Deacon in Rangoon, U Myo Zaw and his wife Tumar, are there to lead services and festivities throughout the 8 day Feast. Some COG members from other parts of Myanmar were able to attend.

Travel is more difficult since the Feast of Tabernacles falls in the midst of the Monsoon season. But all who were able to travel and attend received daily spiritual food as well as the physical feasting that goes along with celebrating God’s Commanded Assemblies before Him.

Leon Sexton

Update on Seng Pan

Dear Fellow laborers,

Here is the latest from Seng Pan, wife of our Pastor Trainee in Kyawk Taing, Myanmar. She was in the hospital for four days with a very high fever and low red blood count.

She just wrote us and email.

Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 19:43:33 +0630
Subject: Re: FW: Thank You for Praying
To: mail@legacyinstitute.org

Dear Aj. Gloria

We celebrate feast of Trumpets is well done.

Chyi Tin and Tan Nu come at FOT day. They did not come the church for along time. Some guest also come on FOT day. Two boy students are come and enjoy with us from Thapye school. They are friend with U Lashi Naw’s son.They come from Inn Daw Gyi and study at Thapye School.

I found the sickness name was circulatory failure.It happen from dengue virus.

May God Bless You All
Yours Sincerly
Jum Seng Pan

Seng Pan is recovering at home now and able to nurse her baby boy which was a very big concern for her. Gloria was able to give her an old family recipe to drink to help her get her strength back and to help produce mother’s milk.

Please continue praying for her and the whole family; Seng Pan, Seng Aung, Blessing, and little Naw Naw. And pray that they are given extra strength from God to take care of those coming for the Feast of Tabernacles.

Serving Our Lord Jesus,
T. Leon Sexton

Legacy Letter September 2015

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Prayer request for Seng Pan and Family

Dear Friends and Fellow laborers,

We received news from Burma that Seng Pan, the wife of Seng Aung, our Pastor Trainee in Kyawk Taing, had to be taken to the hospital with a very high fever.

She had the fever for four days and it would not go down, so Seng Aung took her to the hospital. Her temperature is normal and she has returned home. We do not know what the cause of the fever was.

Please pray for Seng Pan. She has two small boys to take care of as well as teaching the Sabbath School children and other church duties. Her biggest worry is nursing the youngest son.

She is a graduate of Legacy School in Thailand and is a very important part of the Work of God in Burma. We are asking God to intervene and heal her completely so she can nurse her little boy and continue in her service to the Lord Jesus.

Please pray for her and the entire family. Satan is angry as the Fall Feasts approach. We will keep you posted.

Serving Our Lord Jesus,
T. Leon Sexton

Legacy Letter August 2015

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