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Legacy Letter August 2015

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We need your fervent prayers on two accounts

Dear Friends and Fellow laborers,

We need your fervent prayers on two accounts.

First, we have some serious problems getting our young people over from Myanmar (Burma). There always seems to be problems with visas, etc.

In order for us to bring our young people (Burma Nationals) to Thailand we must acquire the appropriate visa. For our Burma students to stay and study at Legacy for three years, they must return home each year and then get another ED visa (Educational visa) for another year. This is time consuming and expensive when one adds up travel expenses and more visa costs. But this is the Thai law and if we want them to continue their studies at Legacy, we must comply with the rules and regulations of the Thai Immigration Bureau.

We sent Htoo Mya (Tommy) Shwe back to get another ED visa so he could return and continue at Legacy for his final year. When he went to the Thai embassy in Rangoon, they refused to give him a new ED visa, citing that he had been studying in Thailand long enough. Now we must bring him back on a tourist visa (30 days only) and send him to Laos where hopefully the Thai Embassy there will grant him another one year ED visa. This all takes time and money, and there is no guarantee the Thai Embassy in Vientiane will give him a visa.

Koin Yee, one of our COG girls is also waiting in Rangoon to get an ED visa. They have now said that they require more paperwork from the language school she will attend to learn the Thai language (a requirement for the ED visa.) We sent the paperwork and now we must pray she gets the visa so she can come to Legacy.
Legacy is not registered with the Ministry of Education. Instead we are registered with the Ministry of Culture. We can teach young people from Thailand and surrounding countries, but because we do not have a Ministry of Education registration, we are not on the list to receive ED visas. The red tape is endless.

Two others also had problems. Adja Shan and Moe Paley, both graduates, are returning to Legacy to help with translation of written material and translation of sermon videos, etc. I contacted the Thailand Foreign Ministry in Bangkok and requested a Non-immigrant, “O” type visa so they can get a required Thai work permit to serve in Thailand. The Foreign Ministry kindly forwarded the required paperwork to the Thai Embassy in Rangoon. However, when Adja and Moe Paley went into the Thai Embassy to get the visa, they said they could not give them a visa unless they already had a work permit. The problem is that the Thai government will not issue a work permit until you have the appropriate visa! It is a Catch 22.

So, we had to contact the Thai Foreign Ministry and explain the problem and then pray real hard. Lo and behold, the officials at the Thai Embassy in Rangoon said they went back and reviewed the paperwork sent from Bangkok and, even though the print was “unclear”, they would go ahead and issue the visas. God stepped in.
Now we must pray for Koin Yee and for Tommy Shwe. Please send up supplications for them.

The 2nd Problem we face is that our donations are way down. Most of our donations come from America and the economy at home is not in good shape. We need your URGENT PRAYERS that God provide our needs. We seriously need His gracious intervention at this time. We have the Feast coming up and always the day to day expenses of running a school to train young people in God’s Way of Life. It has been a real lesson in faith for us. Gloria and I have been working for the King of Kings in Thailand for 15 years now. It has almost always been a hand to mouth budget. We must pray time and time again for God to intervene to supply our needs. Rarely have we ever seen a surplus. Usually that gets eaten up rather quickly.

So, please help us by sending up some extra prayers to the Almighty asking Him to provide the necessary funds so we can continue the work of educating the young people God sends us from Thailand and Burma. It is His Work in this part of the Earth and these nations desperately need the Gospel of the Kingdom preached to them. It will be the young men and women we train that will be carrying that true Gospel to families and friends, and then spreading it out to the far corners of their countries. Legacy Leadership Training Center is a necessary part of preaching the Good News to those who are blind and broken hearted.

Jesus said:

Luke 4:18-19
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,
To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

Please pray for us.

Serving the Lord Jesus in Asia,

T. Leon Sexton

Feast of Tabernacles Thailand and Burma


Main building of Empress Hotel & Convention Center in Chiang Mai

The Feast of Tabernacles is just around the corner. If you are still undecided as to the festival site you will attend, consider Thailand. Thailand was never colonized by a Western nation, so the culture is uniquely its own.

The God-appointed Feast will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with daily sermons of spiritual food —the most important aspect of the Feast—along with the feasting of physical meals, both Western and/or Asian.

Chiang Mai, called the “Rose of the North”, was founded by three kings over 700 years ago and still retains some of the faded glories of its ancient past. For instance, one can still walk around the moat that surrounds the old city and explore the remnants of the ancient walls. The Thai people are Buddhist, so a visitor will find temples and pagodas mixed in with modern Western style shopping malls and merchant shops packed with hand-woven cottons, silks, gems, and carved teak statuary and furniture. Chiang Mai is a major tourist destination, so an abundance of miscellaneous souvenirs at the famous Night Bazaar or Sunday Market are also available. Chiang Mai is a blend of ancient and modern; serenity and hustle bustle; exotic and familiar; provincial and cosmopolitan.

The Empress Hotel has all the amenities one would find in any Four or Five-Star hotel anywhere in the world—even Wi-Fi.

To see more about the Empress Hotel and Convention Center, go to http://www.empresshotels.com/

For more information and to have an application sent to you, please contact: Mail@LegacyInstitute.org

Meanwhile, please do not forget our COG brethren in Myanmar (Burma). They are not able to gather with us in Chiang Mai and will gather together for the Feast of Tabernacles near the central Burma city of Taungoo. Our Legacy graduates will be giving sermons every day. The COG deacon, U Myo Zaw and his wife, Too Mar, will travel north from Rangoon to assist in handling the Feast logistics. Legacy Institute must also finance the Burma Feast of Tabernacles for approximately 30-40 people gathering from different parts of the country. Since most of the Feast participants are subsistence farmers and day laborers, few have enough 2nd tithe. Also our Chiang Mai members and students who do not earn a living, must be provided for. If any of you have an excess of festival tithe, please help us finance the Feast of Tabernacles in Burma and Thailand. It will require about 2,500 USD for all 8 days in Burma. This will cover all food (including special feast food such as more meat), and transportation for a special outing. To cover the cost of the Feast for member families and students (20+) in Thailand, we estimate we will also need $2,500. Please designate your donation as “Burma Feast Fund” or “Thailand Feast Fund.”

May Our Glorious God grant you all a wonder-filled and spiritually rejuvenating Feast of Tabernacles!

In the Lord Jesus’ service,
T. Leon Sexton

Legacy Letter July 2015

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Legacy Letter June 2015

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