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Legacy Letter April 2014

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Prayer Request

Prayer Request,

Please pray for 2 of our Legacy team who were in a motorcycle accident last evening. Legacy employee Surachai and student Moe Palay were both on a motorcycle that was hit from behind by a speeding pickup truck on the main highway. They both flew off the motorcycle and sustained serious injuries. They were taken to the emergency room and Legacy instructor Tyler Kincade was quickly on the scene with Gloria following soon after.

Surachai had to be operated on for internal bleeding. He has a bruised liver and kidney and his spleen was removed due to severe damage; and a punctured lung from two broken ribs. Moe Paley sustained a lot of scrapes and bruises a sprained ankle and a fractured rib. Surachai is in ICU and Moe Palay is in recovery.

Please pray for their complete recovery. They are both very valuable to God’s Work in Asia. Surachai is my driver and handiman. Moe Palay is our translater and gives sermonettes.

We are grateful that God has already intervened to save them. Gloria told me she went to the accident scene and it is a miracle they survived the collision and the skidding on the pavement.

We all need the mercy of God. Satan is a roaring lion and it is Passover time.

Thank you for your fervent prayers for intercession and healing.


T. Leon Sexton

Update About Herb Vierra

Here is an update from Amy Vierra:

We’d like to share an update with respect to Herb’s progress from the past two weeks. He is gaining muscle strength on his right side and today he was more stable than any other day in learning to stand up. The other day, his left foot (which to date has been immobile) started to move whenever he’d move his right foot. This is major progress! His voice is becoming much stronger. He’s been learning to transfer this week and today the nurse (who has’t been here in 3 days) commented how this was the fastest and easiest she has experienced him transfer. He’s using more of his own strength and ability.

He enjoys receiving cards and notes daily. They are so very encouraging! He would also like to thank all of those who’ve taken time out of their busy schedules to spend time with him, encouraging him in person. Your prayers, kindness, and love mean so much to us!


Herb and family

2014 Feast of Tabernacles, Chiang Mai, Thailand – Package Details

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Legacy Letter March 2014

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