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Answer from God for Urgent Prayer

Naw Naw on the plane from Myanmar (Burma) to Thailand.

Praise and thanks to God Almighty for His mercy, kindness, love, and power to us that never fails!  We are overjoyed this Sabbath! 

On the 25th of February we sent out our urgent prayer request.  You have all prayed and God has answered—not the way we expected—but in His way and in His timing!   

Naw Naw’s (age 9) Passport was stuck with the carrier along with over 1000 others somewhere between Myitkyina and Yangon.  There was fighting, shooting, bombs, and war and no traffic could safely get through. But on the very day Seng Aung’s family was leaving for Chiang Mai, the road was cleared—BUT A LITTLE TOO LATE!

Naw Naw’s parents told him that he might not be able to come, and he quietly just understood and accepted that.  No crying. 

After Gloria picked up Seng Aung, Seng Pan and their daughter, Ja Seng Ing (age 4), at Chiang Mai airport, Naw Naw’s passport arrived that very night in Yangon.  Then another wedding guest, Naw Hser Gay was coming on Friday, the 1st of March.  She comes frequently to Thailand and works for a non-governmental organization (NGO).  She is the sister to a previous Legacy student Htoo Gay.  Naw Hser Gay was extremely helpful in this situation and God worked out Naw Naw’s ticket too, because everywhere all was overbooked—but Naw Naw WAS ON THAT FLIGHT!

Now the road to Yangon (It is the main road.) is closed again due to the constant war! 

Naw Naw is now here in Chiangmai, Thailand, and we are thanking and praising God!!!  I had told them that God many times waits to the last-minute like at the Red Sea.  It’s always a miracle for us to witness and share!      

On this Sabbath we were all OVERJOYED! 


Here is what Seng Pan wrote immediately after Naw Naw arrived. 

Thanks to be God first. Thank you so much for you all praying. God listened our prayers and give the way.  My son Naw Naw had arrived safety at Chiang Mai.  God had opened the way to arrived his passport. And the next day the road was close again.  Another marecal was the air ticket was fully book but Saw Htoo Gay’s sister Naw Hsar Gay help out anyway. So Naw Naw can flew with her safetly. We all happy now and praise to be God.  Thank you so much to all of you.

Urgent Prayer Request

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