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Dear Brethren and Fellow Laborers,

Please continue your prayers!  We received with heavy heart the results of Wednesday’s CT scan.  Unfortunately the shunt is releasing too much fluid which the doctors think is causing some atrophy.  It also showed an increase in the fluid build-up in the meninges near the skull. They believe the body/brain is trying to produce more fluid in another area to compensate. Because of the fluid near the skull, they will need to make a small incision and drill a tiny hole to release that fluid. The shunt will need to be replaced also.  We will opt for the adjustable shunt which can change the pressure as needed from the outside.  This will more likely prevent or prolong the need for any future shunt replacement surgery which always involves 4-5 days prep and post care, due to Leon’s blood thinner medication (in addition to the surgery and recovery).  There is a tightrope balance for the blood to clot during surgery, and at the same time prevent stroke.

Our initial question to the Dr. was: “WHY was there an excess of water on the brain”?  His answer was that it is caused by a stroke, although it is also prevalent in many other situations for other reasons, also with children though more so with elderly, however with Leon the initial stroke/s are what is causing the issue and need for the shunt. It is also relatively common for shunts to need adjustment and/or replacement.

Leon’s blood pressure continues to be normal, unless he has pain from headaches—which have now pretty much subsided.  He still gets cold sweats for some reason.  Also Leon remains free of diabetes.  He takes no meds for either. He takes 2 meds: a blood thinner (Warfarin) and Lanoxin for an irregular heartbeat.  The rest are supplements.  But during this surgery many drugs are administered.

Thank you our dear brethren for your prayers and encouraging messages!  We know we are in God’s hands! God knows all the what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s, and how’s to His human creation; God knows every little detail about us and that He is with and beside us, to guide us. We ask for wisdom in decisions we must make.

I hate to see Leon go through the same ordeal again.  Many of God’s people have suffered down through the ages.  We too suffer.  Many of you also are going through trials—some more and some less—some similar and some different.  So we understand more fully the griefs of one another and all those that went before us—especially those of Jesus.

In Christian love,
Gloria and Leon

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