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Dear Brethren and Fellow-Laborers,
Leon had an appointment on Monday with his Neuro Doctor.  At that time it was decided to give Leon a spinal puncture procedure to see whether or not it was even a good idea to have a brain shunt procedure to drain the water.  Leon was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, the medical term for water on the brain.  The spinal puncture drained 100 cc’s and went very well!  It was quite amazing to see a difference almost immediately in Leon’s walking, balance, and talking.  We are not sure about short-term memory–since this was due to the damage of the stroke.  So Leon was admitted to the hospital the very same day.  First they must do a switching of medicines since he is on blood thinner.  The heart doctor conferred with the neurologist who will do the brain shunt surgery.  Leon has to be prepped 5 days before and at least that long after.  So the procedure for the brain shunt is scheduled on Mon. the 10th and if all goes according to plan with God in all and over all–Leon is to go home on the 16th.  I have moved to Lanna Hospital in the same room with Leon.
Please pray for Leon, and you are welcome to put out more prayer requests.  It’s a bit of a whirlwind…  God knows the timing and this was totally a surprise to happen so quickly.  We specifically requested the procedure not to be done on the Sabbaths.
On Sabbath, and on Pentecost, I will meet together with the brethren here in Chiang Mai, and we will play an audio on Pentecost and I will have something written for the Sabbath day before.  I will only be gone from Leon for just over 2 hours and Bronson, our son and his wife Jib can help me.
Our prayers are continually with all of you too!
In Christian love,
Gloria and Leon


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